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     At present, the global economy is changing rapidly. Germany is pushing industry 4.0, the United States is focusing on the application of Internet of Things, and China is promoting "Made in China 2025" in an all-round way. The state vigorously supports manufacturing enterprises to promote intelligent manufacturing. Southwest China is dominated by traditional manufacturing industries, with rapid development of emerging industries, supported by high-intensity investment, and high-speed development of industrial economy.

    CWMTE relying on Chongqing's automobile manufacturing, electronic information, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, biomedicine, instrumentation and other industries, radiates the southwest region, facing the procurement needs of enterprises'production and manufacturing, will show new technologies and new products of the whole industry chain of intelligent manufacturing. It is an in-depth exchange between enterprises at home and abroad and customers in Chongqing and even in the Southwest Industrial manufacturing market. Excellent platform.

     Yijing is a vigorous enterprise which constantly spurs itself and innovates independently. Also decided to participate in this grand gathering, at that time welcome people from the industry to come and exchange, your arrival will make our booth flourishing.
     Booth number: N7 Pavilion, 7528.